Best Sewing Machine for Beginners: Reviews and Buyers Guide

If you are new into sewing but have decided to pursue your sewing hobby seriously, the first thing you will need is a good knowledge about the best sewing machine for beginners before you will go for one. There are numerous options available on the market and often it’s not an easy task to know which one to go for. Here, in this review, we are going to review the top 10 beginners’ sewing machines to make your buying decision easier.

Top 10 Sewing Machine For Beginners Comparison Table

Best Sewing Machine for Beginners Review

Your search for the best sewing machine for beginners will probably consume a lot of time. Also, the internet is full of fake reviews which will keep misleading you until you end up buying a machine that won’t serve your purpose fully.

This is the reason I have spent almost 80 hours to test at least 30 machines to come up with this authentic review of the top 10 sewing machine. My research included both online research and physical testing. Initially, I checked the reviews of all the top models available on the market and on Amazon to shortlist the top 30 of them. Then I checked with the members of my sewing community to know who has which of those 30 and took their help to test each of those machines physically. I left no stone unturned to make sure what I am suggesting to my readers is true and correct.

Best Overall: Brother CS6000i Sewing and Quilting Machine

Overall Best Sewing Machine for Beginners: Brother CS6000i Sewing & Quilting MachineBrother CS6000i sewing and quilting machine is our top pick. Brother knows what a novice sewer needs, and I am glad to tell this machine satisfies all. It is a feature-rich, advanced sewing machine for new sewists.

A person starting with sewing machines first needs to master the basics. The manufacturer has made this machine by keeping this in mind. It offers 70 unique inbuilt stitches and seven types of auto-size buttonholes.

When you are learning a new skill, your focus should be on learning only. Its features like the drop-in top bobbin and automatic needle threader make sure that you don’t waste your time on threading the needle or setting the bobbin.

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  • Can do sewing as well as quilting tasks
  • LCD screen eases the selection of stitches
  • Accessories like the robust protective case, sewing feet, needle set, extra bobbins, and others made it a popular choice
  • Top drop-in bobbin prevents jam
  • Convenient buttons for start/stop, reverse sewing, needle up/down, and speed control


  • Not the best with heavy materials
  • Requires constant cleaning

Brother CS6000i is one of the best choices when it comes to learning machine sewing. It comes with important features to make a beginner’s first-time sewing experience trouble-free and fun.

Best Value for Money: Brother XM2701 Lightweight Sewing Machine

Best Value for Money: Brother XM2701 Lightweight Sewing MachineThe second one on our list is also our best budget pick. Yes, Brother XM2701 provides beginners a superb sewing experience within their budget. This easy-to-use machine will enhance your sewing skills remarkably.

The main attractions of this machine are 27 inbuilt stitches, single-step auto-sized buttonholes, and a host of accessories. If a darker work area frustrates you, its efficient LED lights brighten the space.

Learning new things become simple with proper guidance. It comes with an instructional DVD containing videos to help beginners learn the art of sewing and make their initial projects successful.

A thing I liked most about this machine is that you get free online and technical support as long as your machine lives. Also, its six different feet – button sewing foot, buttonhole foot, blindstitch foot, zipper foot, zigzag foot, and narrow hem foot – will suit almost all your sewing projects. Being a beginner, you should know the difference between needlepoint and cross-stitch.

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  • Portable, lightweight, and affordable sewing machine
  • The automatic needle threader is an eye-saver
  • Six (06) different feet to suit almost all basic sewing projects
  • Top drop-in bobbin ensures the bobbin remains in place
  • Best for learning basics and doing small projects


  • A feature to control the speed is missing
  • Flimsy foot pedal

Brother XM2701 is the best budget-friendly sewing machine for starters. If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend a lot on your first sewing machine, go for this XM2701 from Brother.

The Best Heavy Duty Machine: Singer 4423 All Purpose Sewing Machine

The Best Heavy Duty Machine: Singer 4423 All Purpose Sewing MachineSinger is known to be a brand that enhances the sewing experience of beginners and Singer 4423 is a heavy-duty sewing machine that helps beginners finish different types of sewing projects effortlessly.

With a sewing speed of 1,100 SPM (stitches per minute), it makes sure that you complete your tasks quickly. It also features automatic needle threader and bobbin’s transparent cover. In addition to many attractive features, it also has a heavy-duty metal frame making it a workhorse.

Sometimes you have to sew thick fabrics, leather materials, and curtains with multiple layers. To do these tasks, you will require a heavy-duty sewing machine. Yes, Singer 4423 is that one.

It comes with many accessories such as zipper foot, all-purpose foot, button sewing foot, buttonhole foot, lint brush, needles, quilting guide, screwdriver, and many others that will help you to have effortless sewing experience.

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  • The maximum sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute ensures you finish your tasks quickly
  • Availability of multiple accessories make it an attractive bet
  • Most suitable heavy-duty sewing machine for beginners
  • 23 built-in stitches allow beginners to engage in versatile projects
  • Automatic needle threader prevents frustration and eye strain


  • It is a bit noisy
  • It is hard to regulate the speed of foot-pedal especially for the beginners

Best Portable choice: Singer 1304 Free Arm Sewing Machine

Best Portable choice: Singer 1304 Free Arm Sewing MachineAnother great sewing machine of my list is the Singer 1304. This machine is one of the best portable options in the world of beginner sewing machines. Whatever size of sewing table you have, this machine will easily fit on it.

Its heavy-duty metal frame makes sure that nothing happens to this machine even if you travel with it or carry it to your sewing classes. Another benefit of this frame is that it remains still while sewing. I know how frustrating it is when the sewing machine slips again and again while stitching.

Another advantage of this machine is the bedplate of stainless steel that ensures smooth feed of the fabric when you sew. It allows you to make buttonholes automatically in 4 simple steps.

Many novice sewers are not tech-savvy. It means they may find it hard to operate a computerized machine for the first time. To make it easy for newbies, it features a stitch dial allowing you to change stitches easily.

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  • Metallic internal skeleton allows skip-free sewing
  • Double spool pins for easy and quick sewing
  • Three all-purpose presser feet to cover most common sewing projects
  • Threading diagrams printed on the machines helps in quick set-up
  • No need for adjusting the stitch length and width


  • Not the best choice if you are not new to sewing

Singer 1304 is a compact sewing machine best for beginners. It comes with many features to boost their creativity. I also recommend it to new learners because it is portable and weighs less. You can easily carry it to your sewing classes every day.

Best Embroidery and Sewing Machine Combo: Brother SE600 Computerized sewing machine

Best Embroidery and Sewing Machine Combo: Brother SE600 Computerized sewing machineIf you want to learn embroidery along with sewing, you will require one of the best sewing and embroidery machines for beginners. Brother SE600 is one such device.

It is a computerized machine featuring 103 built-in stitches, a large 3.2” colored touchscreen display, automatic needle threader, and much more. This machine also offers an embroidery area of 4” x 4” with an included hoop. It means you get enough space to make the most common-sized embroidery recipes.

With this machine, you only require a few clicks and USB drive to import custom needlework patterns from your computer. However, for expert female sewing hobbyists who strongly believe in The Feminist Power of Embroidery, a manual machine should be enough.
When you are learning something for the first time, even minor mistakes can halt your learning process. The super bright LED-lit work area of Brother SE600 ensures that you do not make mistakes while sewing, embroidering, and quilting on darker shade fabrics.

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  • Its convertible free arm simplifies sewing sleeves, skinny jeans, cuffs, and other small projects
  • Availability of USB port helps in importing embroidery designs to the machine
  • The quick to set drop-in top bobbin prevents jamming of bobbin thread
  • Automatic needle threader saves time as well as eye strains
  • Sew smart colored LCD touchscreen help to view embroidery patterns in real color


  • Some beginners on low-budget may find it expensive
  • While winding, the thread might get tangled

Finally, This machine is the right choice for anyone upgrading from the mechanical sewing machine to a computerized one.

Best Sewing and Quilting Machine for Beginners: Brother 1850

Best Sewing and Quilting Machine for Beginners: Brother 1850My next pick, Brother 1850, is the computerized sewing and quilting machine for beginners. It doesn’t include many of the showy features, but at the same time, it doesn’t miss the important ones.

New users do not face any problem in setting-up this machine for the first time. Though it is known to be one of the most popular choices amongst the beginners, intermediate as well as advanced users find it equally advantageous.

It comes with 185 special inbuilt stitches among which 55 are alphanumeric. You usually don’t get this much in a beginner’s machine. The automatic needle threader is a common feature in almost all Brother machines.

New users often get confused while selecting stitches for their projects. It not only delays the work but also leads to frustration. As a solution to this, Brother 1850 features an LCD screen that helps you select stitches quickly and easily.
Other attractive features of this machine are Instructional DVD, Wide Table, descriptive User Manual, and many more.

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  • The drop-in top bobbin prevents jamming of thread
  • Advanced needle threader requires pressing only a lever to push the thread through the needle
  • Large backlit LCD screen eases stitch selection
  • The inbuilt monogramming font comprises of letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and other special characters
  • Bright LEDs make sure the work area doesn’t get dark


  • May cause problems while making ruffles or folds
  • The bobbin tray may hit the inside parts causing noise

No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user, Brother 1850 is a sewing and quilting machine advantageous for all. With many attractive features and useful accessories, it is worth buying.

Simplest Machine for Beginners: Singer Simple 3232 Sewing Machine

Simplest Machine for Beginners: Singer Simple 3232 Sewing MachineThe 7th machine in this list is the Singer Simple 3232. The word ‘Simple’ in its name justifies its nature. This machine is easy-to-operate and a perfect learning tool for new sewers.

The heavy-duty metal frame provides dual benefits to users. First, they can carry it anywhere without the fear of any breakage. Second, it remains steady during tough (for beginners) projects.

With the maximum sewing speed of 750 spm (stitches per minute), it helps you to sew large projects quickly. If you want to sew multiple layers of fabric, simply raise the presser foot of this machine.

It also offers reverse sewing. For that, you just need to press the automatic reverse button. As it runs on 60 watts, rest assured it won’t hurt your pocket.

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  • The availability of four Snap-on presser feet makes it suitable for versatile projects
  • Several free accessories make it an attractive choice for beginners
  • Users can adjust the stitch width and length by just turning a dial
  • The heavy-duty metallic frame allows skip-free sewing
  • Automatic needle threader helps in quickly threading the needle’s eye


  • Possible issues with the needle threader
  • Small working space for large projects

Singer Simple 3232 is a good sewing machine for beginners. If you are new to sewing, it will help you learn all the basics easily. The renowned brand name, affordable price, and advanced features make it a trustworthy choice.

Singer 7258 Easy Sewing Machine

Singer 7258 Easy Sewing MachineSinger 7258 is an all-purpose sewing machine for beginners to make sure they get more than what they expected.

Its push-button stitch selection feature allows selecting your favorite stitch by just pushing a button. While the top drop-in bobbin system aids in the easy insertion of the bobbin, its clear cover helps in monitoring the bobbin thread supply.

The inclusion of advance features in a simple machine makes it superior. The Programmable Needle Up/Down feature of Singer 7258 is an example of this. Its user-friendly features help a lot while quilting, pivoting, or appliqueing fabric.

Another impressive feature of this sewing machine is the Bobbin Winder Stop that automatically stops turning the bobbin when filled.

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  • 100 built-in stitches for fashion, crafts, decorative, heirloom, quilting, and home stitching
  • Built-in needle threader eliminates the guesswork
  • Bobbin Winder Stop prevents the bobbin from overfilling
  • Comes with many useful products as accessories
  • 25 years limited warranty helps in overcoming almost all usual issues


  • The work area is less
  • Disappoints at high speed

No matter if you want to learn decorative sewing, fashion sewing, crafting, quilting, or heirloom sewing, this machine is going to make everything easy for you.

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine with Bonus Bundle

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine with Bonus BundleMy ninth pick for beginners is the famous Janome 2212. It is one of the few value-for-money sewing machines for people new to sewing. It helps in creating a solid foundation for all novice sewing students.

As you start learning the basics, its 4-step buttonhole function and 12 inbuilt stitches enhance your knowledge about sewing machines. At first, you might find the price of this mechanical sewing machine a bit on the higher side, but you will find it appropriate after learning about its efficiency.

One of my old friends says she learned about this machine in 2013, through an advertisement. It was January 2014 when she bought and started using it for developing her sewing skills. She used it for many professional projects before shifting to a computerized sewing machine in 2019.

No doubt, it is useful for new sewers. But, you can use it comfortably even if you are a professional sewer. Another thing I liked about Janome 2212 is its compact design and sturdy build. It not only fits-in smaller spaces of your home, but you can also carry it around with you.

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  • Value for money machine for novice sewing students
  • Easy-to-use entry-level basic sewing machine
  • Additional 14 needles and 10 Janome bobbins as bonus
  • Fewer pounds on the weighing scale and compact design makes it easy-to-store
  • 12 built-in stitches allow users to take various projects


  • Not the right choice for thick fabrics
  • Some users will find its size smaller than expectation

Janome 2212 is a perfect entry-level mechanical sewing machine. It is easy-to-use and gives beginners the confidence to not only learn the basics but also enhance their sewing skills. If you are starting with this machine, you should also be aware of 4 Fabrics Beginner Sewers Should Avoid.

SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine

SINGER | Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing MachineIf you are serious about making your career in sewing, start with a computerized sewing machine. Singer 9960 is a reliable offering from Singer that gives new sewers to take customized projects.

This machine can transform you from a novice sewer to an advanced sewist. When you become one, upgrade your simple machine to one of the best sewing and embroider machines.

There are many computerized machines for professionals that disappoint beginners. Most features of Singer 9960 are easy-to-use and allow users to complete their creative projects precisely.

There are 600 built-in stitches, five alphanumeric fonts, and 13 inbuilt single-step buttonholes to do fashion sewing, home décor, quilting, and crafting projects. Its automatic needle threader saves time and eliminates eye strain.

It also features a large LCD screen to help you easily use its digital functions. Its warning alarm with visual animation also helps beginners a lot.

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  • Electronic twin needle function for stitches except straight
  • Its metal frame makes this machine robust and reliable
  • Stitches displayed on the screen and accessed with a single touch
  • Built-in needle threader simplifies its whole threading system
  • Extension table increases the working area and benefits in larger projects


  • Some complete beginners (not all) might find it tough to learn through this machine
  • A little expensive which, again, is not advantageous for beginners

Singer 9960 is a computerized sewing machine with several features to perfectly craft your creative ideas on the fabric. Newbies may find this machine’s price high.

Best Sewing Machine Brands

The availability of numerous brands always creates confusion in the minds of novice sewers. Below are some of the best sewing machine brands of 2020. You can consider them and keep yourself away from confusing/ awkward situations.


Brother is a Japanese company founded in 1908 as Yasui Sewing Machine Co. It follows strict standards to make high-quality sewing machines for commercial use. If beginners are aiming to start their home business, they can go with Brother. I recommend Brother XM2701 if you decide to go for a Brother Machine.


Are you aware of The accidental Singer sewing machine revolution? Singer, started by Issac Singer in 1851, is one of the oldest and efficient sewing machine brands of the world. It has survived for over 150 years because every machine from the house of Singer is the result of high-quality and durable materials. As a beginner, the best option for you in 2020 is Singer 4423.


The Japanese brand Janome means the eye of the snake. It produces some of the most advanced sewing machines. If you ask me about the best Janome sewing machine to purchase in 2020, I would suggest Janome 2212.


KBCB Tech is not so famous like other brands. Many people do not know that KPCB makes some of the best and affordable mini sewing machines. It also allows beginners to bring their device to sewing classes. The best KPCB Tech product for this year is KPCB Mini Sewing Machine.

Sometimes people want to learn more about something just to increase their knowledge. If you also want to increase your knowledge about different sewing machine brands, click here.

Sewing machine buyers guide for beginners

Advantages of Using a Sewing Machine

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, sewing machines are advantageous for everyone. Here are some benefits provided by these machines:

  • These machines allow faster stitching in comparison to stitching done by hands.
  • When it comes to buttonholes and decorative stitching, sewing machines can make them consistently.
  • It helps you customize any clothing material, be it bedsheets, curtains, or dresses.
  • When you like to follow fashion trends, but the budget is your biggest worry, a sewing machine helps.
  • A sewing machine helps you repair torn clothes within a short period. You can also get rid of cluttered unused clothes as it helps in crafting something creative with them.
  • It helps you save money. There is no need to visit a shopping mall to shop for clothes. If you have a sewing machine, you can make sheets, curtains, and different types of clothes at home. Though, it might upset the readymade clothing industry.
  • Your sewing and embroidery skills can help you earn money. You can start your own business with a sewing machine. A home business of sewing clothes does not require hefty investments.

Tips for Beginner Sewers

If you are a beginner sewer, you should keep a few things in mind to have smooth sewing experience. This includes the care and maintenance of your machine on a regular basis, repair it as and when needed and a few more. Below are the few tips to help you have an effortless sewing experience:

Choosing the Correct Needle

The needle is an essential part of the sewing process. So, you should pick the correct needle for sewing. For example, a thicker needle for a heavy-duty project.

Choosing the Correct Thread

Whether you sew by hand or machine, you can’t do it without a thread. So, you should pick the correct thread for sewing. For example, a cotton thread for cotton fabrics of light to medium weight.

Iron the Fabric

Iron the fabric before sewing as it provides precise measurement. If you iron the fabric after sewing, you’ll get the professional-like result at home.

Use Tissue Paper when the Fabric is Slippery

When the fabric you are sewing is slippery, place a tissue paper under it. This paper also eases cutting.

Wax the Thread

The tangling thread not only irritates but wastes time as well. To prevent hassle because of the tangled thread, wax the thread. You can either use beeswax or thread heaver. Waxing the thread also allows easy insertion into the needle.

Key Features to Consider Before Buying a Sewing Machine

The availability of several options in the market makes it challenging to identify the best sewing machine for beginners. Well, it becomes easy if you cross-check the following key features:

  • Its stitch quality. Whether it can stitch thick materials easily or not?
  • Is it easy to change the needles and if yes, the time required to do so.
  • Performance of the machine while dealing with multi-layered material.
  • Does the machine run smoothly at low as well as high speed?
  • The machine should be suitable for multiple projects such as sewing, quilting, and embroidery.
  • Learning about the availability and effectiveness of the tension control feature is crucial.
  • Look for built-in stitches and built-in designs as per your requirements.
  • Going for a machine with an automatic threading feature is better for beginners.
  • Does changing the presser foot require screws, or is it a Snap-On adjustment?
  • How easy is it to create a buttonhole? 4-step is time-consuming and might lead to errors, whereas 1-step is simple and highly accurate.
  • In case your machine gives you the chance to access embroidery software, find out if it is user-friendly or not.
  • The bound seam must be accurate.
  • The price of the sewing machine. Is it affordable or expensive?

These are not mandatory features every beginner should look for in a sewing machine. They might increase or decrease as per the user’s requirements.

Types of Sewing Machines for Beginners

There are mainly 2 types of sewing machines, but all of them are not the best choices for novice users. If you are a beginner, you should know which sewing machine is for you to make an informative decision.

1. Mechanical Sewing Machines

Beginners should know they are at the initial stage of learning the art of sewing. Their sewing machine should be simple, affordable, and easy to use. A mechanical sewing machine with basic features is enough during the first stage.

2. Computerized Sewing Machines

After learning the basics of sewing with a mechanical sewing machine, beginners can look forward to computerized sewing machines. These machines come with some reliable features to make sewing fast and easy.

In computerized machines also, beginners should invest in simple ones. They should avoid the ones with several intricate features, such as built-in stitches, and others. Here, simple does not mean a machine without necessary features.

Some experts and reviewers suggest the best approach for beginners is to start with a mechanical sewing machine, but I believe the correct approach for a beginner is to go for a computerized machine because this way they won’t have to experience the hassle of switching from a manual machine to computerized one later on.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does a sewing machine for beginners cost?

    The sewing machines suitable for beginners are available for less than $200. If you want to move towards expensive options, they are available in the $500 range.

  2. Which are the common problems with sewing machines beginners face?

    Beginners might face the following issues:

    • Thread tension. When it is low, stitching gets bunched-up. As a result, the sewing machine jams. When it is high, the thread might break.
    • Threading the needle is also a usual problem beginners face with sewing machines.
  3. Is it difficult for beginners to use sewing machines?

    A common opinion is that it is difficult for beginners to use sewing machines. However, that’s not necessarily true. However, visiting classes or thoroughly reading the instruction manual of the sewing machine is always advantageous.

  4. Which is more reliable – sewing by hand or machine?

    Both are reliable. Sewing by hand or machine is a personal choice. People not knowing sewing by hand or not having enough time take the help of a sewing machine. Some people sew by hand because they do not like a computerized machine or don’t want to rely on a computerized machine.

  5. Experts say to prepare the fabric before sewing. Is it true?

    Yes, it is true because properly prepared fabric stands flat and smooth before sewing. You can iron the material before starting.

  6. What to do to maintain my sewing machine?

    A well-maintained sewing machine lasts for years. For proper maintenance, clean and oil it regularly. Pay special attention to crucial parts like the needle system, feed dogs, teeth, and others.

  7. What are some vital tools and equipment related to sewing?

    While sewing, you should keep cutters, shears, and other tools around. Some must-haves are:

    • Fabric shears
    • Pinking shears
    • Air or water-soluble pen
    • Rotary cutter
    • Self-healing cutting mat
    • Seam gauge
    • Seam ripper

    Besides these tools, you may also look forward to the best cutting machine for fabric.

  8. Can I troubleshoot my sewing machine?

    If you can identify the problem, you can troubleshoot your sewing machine. The most common issues are related to the bobbin.

  9. What is the sewing machine oil?

    It is the oil for reducing the friction of various parts and enhancing the performance of the sewing machine. Check How to oil a sewing machine here?

  10. What is a sewing stabilizer?

    It is the object used for holding the fabric rigid and flat. A sewing stabilizer makes sewing easy and quick.

A sewing machine for beginners must be simple, easy-to-use, and affordable. Brother CS6000i has all these qualities. Considering the list of features it has and also its price, I recommend all the beginner sewers to start their sewing venture with this machine.