Privacy Policy

Our priority is to ensure the privacy of our customers. We have several strict measures in place to ensure this privacy is achieved and that our customer’s information is completely safe. The privacy policy aims to help our esteemed customers get an understanding of our day-to-day activities that include collecting, sharing, and storing of information. The policy also governs all the content, services and products that are sold within the website.

Log Files

Similar to other websites, our website also uses Log files. Log files constitute a wide range of information which ranges from browser details, customers’ IP address, information about your service providers, exiting and referring to different pages, date and time stamps. Besides, Log files also monitor the movement of our customers, administer the website, monitor clicks used in analyzing trends, and collect demographic information. It is important for our customers to know that this information collected in our log files are in no way associated with their personal information.

Ways and the importance of collecting a customer’s information

Our customers are required to drop their email address on the website page when they are making queries or comments. These email addresses are essential to us when we respond to your comments on our website. Customers who leave information about their name and email address get feedback from our partners in the marketing department. When reading your responses from us and happen to click on the link sent to you by our marketing partners, your email address is automatically added to our mailing list. You will then be receiving updates regarding our website, partners, affiliates, and products in your email. A customer is free to sign out of this service any time they want to.

Cookies and Web Beacons

We also use cookies on our website to improve your browsing experience on our website. Cookie is a small file which includes alpha-numeral identifiers that are anonymous in nature. When you will visit our website, our servers will ask your system to accept cookies from our website. When your system accepts these cookies, they get stored in your hard drive through your browser. All the websites that use cookies can send unique cookies to your browser which will be saved in your hard drive. But for privacy, a website is only able to access the cookies sent by them and not the cookies sent by other websites.

These cookies are harmless in nature and are not able to interact with any other data stored in your system. The information stored in these cookies allows our servers to recognise you and provide you with content, products, advertisements and services that you might like. While it is recommended that you should accept our cookies, you can refuse them as well by changing the settings of your browser. But by refusing the cookies you will not be able to enjoy the personalized browsing experience and might not be able to access some parts of our website.

Web Beacons and Cookies

Cookies are defined as a small anonymous file that contains alphanumerical identifiers. We use them to improve your browsing experience on our website. Our system will prompt you to accept cookies once you visit our website. If you accept them, the cookies get stored in your hard drive using your browser. Once they are stored on the website, the website can send cookies often to your browser and save them in the f\hard drive. As a safety precaution to ensure our customers’ privacy, websites can only access the cookies sent by that specific website and not cookies that have been sent by other websites.

Cookies do not interfere with data that has been previously stored in your computer or browser system. Information stored by cookies solely helps us to give you updates on the advertisements, products, services and content that is helpful to you when interacting with our website. We highly recommend that one accept our cookies. However, this is not compulsory. You can choose to refuse to accept them by modifying your browser settings. This, however, has a disadvantage in that you will not be able to enjoy the browsing experience that is personalized to you. Moreover, you might not be lucky enough to access some parts of the website.

Double-clicking of DART Cookies

Google, as a third party vendor, can use cookies on our website to serve ads. These ads are generated from our website as well as well as other websites on the Internet. Similar to our cookies, you can decide to accept or refuse goggle cookies.

Besides goggle, other advertising partners and associates can use web beacons and cookies from our website. Sophisticated partners use monitoring technologies to ascertain the effectiveness of the campaigns they use in advertising. In addition, they can use this information to send you personalized ads once you visit our website.

We need to caution you that we do not have any control regarding the cookies third parties send to you. It is your personal responsibility to check out the policy and terms and conditions of the third parties. This will give you a detailed overview of information regarding their cookies, how to opt-out of receiving the cookies, and also how to use them to enrich your customer experience.

Legal Disclaimer

If required by the law, we have all the rights to share your personal information. This is important to us in cases where we need to protect our rights as well as when we need to comply with legal processing as per the state requirements. When need arises, we also can share your personal information with our affiliates and partners. They will, however, have to adhere to our privacy policies when using your personal data. Besides the stated scenarios, we will never rent or share with the third party your personal information.

Notice to children

Children should only use our website under adult supervision. Children who are under the age of 14 years old are not required to share their personal information with us on our website.

Policy changes

Changes to the privacy policy are reserves by our institution. We will avail all the amendments here. We are thus not obligated to pass this information to our individual users. Continuous use of our website after the changes are made is an indicator that you are in agreement with changes made to our website.

In the event that you are not in agreement with our new changes made to our privacy policy. You are advised to stop using the website willingly.

Contact us through the different channels if you have any queries regarding this policy.