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If you know the craft of sewing and enjoy it, you can create wonderful sewing gifts. These sewing gifts are fun, look great, and carry that loving personal touch. They are also easy to make and are super economical. You will be the envy of your friends and family, courtesy: your sewing gifts. Herein we are providing you with some great sewing gift ideas. They do not require expert or high level of sewing expertise. Anyone with beginner to intermediate sewing skills can make them. Just let your imagination and creativity run wild. You can also use free online tutorials to further polish your sewing skills and create these gifts. So, now let us get started. For convenience sake, we have classified the sewing gifts under the following three categories;

  • Sewing gifts for kids
  • Sewing gifts for adults
  • Sewing gifts for techies

Sewing gifts for kids

It is always a pleasure creating something for the little ones, whether they are your kids or not. The smile that your gift can evoke is truly priceless. Here are some simple yet useful sewing gifts for the little members of the family. Like most of the other sewing jobs, you do not need to buy new fabrics, you can make use of old clothes and make a patchwork.


A play mat is very easy to make and is a very functional thing to have, especially if you have to tend to a toddler. All you need is a piece of colorful fabric; the size depends on the age of the baby. You will need to stuff it with wool, soft cotton then quilt it to get the playmat. A regular sewing machine can easily do the job.

Stuffed animals and dolls

Second, on our list are the ever-so-popular stuffed toys and dolls. They are similar in appearance and in make. All you need is a soft fabric for the body, limbs, and face. You can stuff them with cotton balls or poly-fil stuffing and sew them all together to make a shape of your choice. Depending on what you have in mind you can add other stuff like for example string thread for hair, buttons for eyes, and so on.


You can sew a variety of bags for your little friends. There can be drawstring bags, totes, pool bags, book totes, duffel bags, etc. It all depends on your level of expertise. You first need to cut the fabric in the desired shape. Put an inlay there for added support and durability and then sew it. You can add buttons, zippers, strings, etc. on the top. Your kids’ bag is ready.

Toys organizer

If you are tired of your kid’s toys scattered here and there and they report you their missing toys often, you need to make a toy organizer. The basic idea is you create pockets of varying shapes and sizes on a piece of fabric and ask your kid to place toys in their respective pockets. For example, there should be a pocket for dolls or stuffed animals, cars, books, and other stuff. You can sew a sheet of Velcro under the fabric for some support.

Pencils & crayons carrier

Every kid has a bunch of coloring pencils and crayons. They are also most likely to lose or misplace them. You can make pencil cases of beautiful and colorful fabrics. You will need to buy a pair of zippers though. The rest you can very easily sew on your sewing machine. This will pin all the pencils neatly together.


You can make pillows of different shapes, sizes, and appearances. You can make one shaped like a monster or an animal or a bird. Just make a design pattern on the paper first, pin it and then follow it to make your pillow. You can buy the filling easily from the market.

Kids clothes from your old clothes

You need an intermediate level of sewing expertise to do that. You will have to be good at measurements and estimating the fabrics required to make a piece of clothing. It will be like giving your kids new clothes for free. You can save money in the process.

Face masks/fancy eyewear

You can easily make these from fabrics at home. You have to be precise about the design you want and get the appropriate fabric. You can cut it in the shape of an animal or like your kid’s favorite superhero. It is all possible. You don’t have to spend money to buy one for your kid.

Lunch box

It requires a higher level of expertise to make this. You can make it in the shape of a bag. You will also need thermal interfacing to keep the food warm. But the results will be worth it. Trust us.

Sewing gifts for adults

We now focus our attention on grown-ups. Like with kids, the possibilities here are endless too. Let’s find out some popular easy to use sewing gifts for adults;


We will add bags for adults too as you can make a variety of bags for adults. For instance, clutch bags, pouches, coin pouches, two-sided zippers, purses, totes, envelope clutches, shopping bags, duffel bags, etc. You can mix and match different fabrics, add embellishments, create textures and layers. Let your imagination lead you.

Convenience items

You can sew a lot of things for your loved ones which they can use in their everyday lives. These things can be Mani/Pedi kit holder, portable first aid kit, keychain, small string bags for storing rings and trinkets, makeup kit carrier, etc. They can be made quite easily at home using your regular sewing machine. It will save you a lot of money and also help you keep things organized.

Kitchen supplies

There are several items that you use in the kitchen that you can sew quite easily and gift your loved ones. We start with aprons, then there are baking gloves, hot pads, decorative tea towels, bags for your wine bottles, cozy wrappers, jam, cookies and honey jar toppers and other such stuff for your kitchen.


Kimono is a versatile piece of clothing from Japan. You can wear it practically all year around. Its one-size-fits-all feature makes it very popular among women of all age groups and body types. It is also very easy to make. You need some basic level sewing skills to make one. Your friends will love it and won’t stop thanking you once they have it.

Travel pillow

Travel pillows can be your traveling companions when you have to travel for long hours at a stretch. Additionally, you can use them in everyday life. If your job requires you to sit up front on your office chair then you can use it for some time during the day. It will relieve your aching neck and shoulder muscles. Again, not difficult to make. You just have to sew the fabric in the shape of the pillow and fill it.

You can also make and gift neck warmers. It is similar to a travel pillow and designed to help your neck and shoulder muscles relax.

Pillows and cushions

While talking about travel pillows, how can we ignore regular pillows and cushions? You can make them in different shapes, sizes, designs, and patterns. You can add a picture of your friend on a cushion before you gift one to her. This will be a sweet personalized touch that your friend will cherish forever. You can also add tassels around the pillows and cushions. It will make a simple pillow stand out and look very stylish. Pillows with patchwork look very cool too.


You can easily make a scarf at home which you can gift to your friends for wrapping around the neck or head. You have to choose the fabric according to the weather and sew it. A one yard of fabric is sufficient to make a scarf.

These are some of the items you can sew as gifts for your friends and family. There can be other things that you can make like a card organizer, stitch and fold wallet, sunglasses case, pencils case, business cards organizer, pet leash, belts, bookmarks made of felt, fabric flowers, headbands, etc.

Sewing gifts for techies

By techie we mean a modern-day person who is using basic tech gadgets in his or her daily life. We are not referring to a technical geek who is immersed in technology from head to toe. With that being said let’s get the list started.

Mobile phone case/pouch

Depending on your capabilities you can make many cases for your mobile phones. From a simple case that holds your mobile to more elaborate ones with extra pockets and zippers. You can use Felt to make them strong enough for your mobile so that it won’t break off. Also make a quilted one for extra support to your phone.

Laptop case

After mobile, the next logical sewing gift for your techie friend would be a laptop case. The laptop includes your iPad, tablet, etc. Here again, what you sew depends on your expertise. You can make a sleeve type that has a pocket for a laptop or others with compartments for other items like charger, hands-free, etc.

Phone charging pouch

Instead of keeping your phone on the floor while it is getting charged why not put it in a neat and beautiful custom-made pouch? It will keep your phone secure. Sometimes the charging socket is fixed high on the wall and there are no tables underneath. There this pouch will come handy. You can tuck your phone in it and hang it in the door handle or on the wall. How convenient is that? For this purpose, always make the charging pouch with a hole for hanging purposes.

Other tech-related gifts include cases for your wires, earphones, etc. and camera strap.

So, there you have it. A comprehensive list of all the sewing gifts that you can make for your loved ones, old and young alike. They are not that hard to make and require a moderate level of sewing skills. By making them you will spark your creativity and hone your sewing skills even further. You can make use of free online tutorial on places like sewcanshe that gives a daily DIY tutorial on how to make a particular pattern. By using different types and designs of fabrics you can create beautiful and eye-catching products. Who knows, you might end up enjoying it so much that you take it as a side hustle. Place an ad online and start earning from it. All big businesses started from humble beginnings. Your sewing skills can take you places too. We hope this article will inspire you to do just that. We wish you all the best.


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